Confessions of an INFJ

Agree with most of these…

Introvert, Dear

I want to be alone about 75% of the time.

I think the things most people talk about are boring. I’m always testing people to see if I can talk to them about the things that really matter to me (usually I can’t).

I’d rather have one person in my life who gets me than dozens of people who just know me.

I know my friends better than they know themselves (but I can’t tell them that).

Sometimes I wish I could disappear. But not forever — just for a little while — and I’d take pictures while I was gone. 😉

I’m a perfectionist and I obsess over little things, like how the decorations in my room look or what clothes I should wear. I spend more time on projects than I let on to other people.

If I just had a little more time, I think I could…

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